Norgate Communications  

Kelly Norgate

For more than 20 years, it's been my pleasure to help leaders deliver creative communication projects designed to motivate their employees, engage their customers, advance their strategy and build their brand.

I’m a senior corporate communication leader and a passionate advocate of powerful, creative communication and great workplace culture.

My experience spans many industries including:

  • finance 
  • utilities 
  • real estate
  • transportation manufacturing
  • healthcare 
  • grocery retail
  • aerospace
  • telecommunications
  • government agencies
  • professional services 

Over the years, I've built relationships with a network of talented communication professionals.  This allows me to hand-pick team members to meet the customized requirements of just about any communication project -- big or small.

If you have a project that requires communications support, let's talk!  You can reach me at ph. 647 407 6757 or email me at kelly@kellynorgate.com